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Together, we can create a legacy
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Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation is a publicly registered Canadian charitable foundation whose purpose is to provide stable annual income to Confederation Centre of the Arts. Formed in 2010, the Foundation’s mandate is to accumulate, administer, and invest capital assets to support the operation of the Centre and its vital arts and heritage programming in perpetuity.

There are 34 named funds within the Foundation, each with its own unique, donor-directed purpose. The income from these funds helps to support annual operations and programming at Confederation Centre of the Arts. If you wish to help build a secure, sustainable future, new funds can be established and named to provide support in perpetuity where it is most meaningful to you. Contributions to existing funds can be made in any amount at any time.

Your gift to Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation has added impact. All donations to the Foundation are eligible for up to dollar for dollar matching through the Endowment Incentives component of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Cultural Investment Fund.

Please note that not all funds can be donated to online, please reach out if the one you wish to donate to is not available.

To make a gift, or for more information, please contact Emily Smith, Major Gifts Officers at 902-629-1196 or [email protected].

Charitable Registration # 84153 4712 RR0001 Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation

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Theatre & Performance

This group of funds invests in the magic that happens on stage at the Centre.

  • ACCELERANDO Classical Music Performance Fund.

Serves as a mechanism to increase live classical music performances and the opportunities for young musicians to learn.

  • Elizabeth Mawson Theatre Legacy Fund.

Created by her sons Allan and Douglas Mawson in Toronto to honour their mother’s 30 years as Marilla and 33 years at the Centre, this Fund supports the development of new theatrical works at The Charlottetown Festival.

  • Norman and Elaine Campbell Legacy Fund: Anne of Green Gables–The Musical™ Endowment.

Ensures the continued high quality and integrity of the theatrical properties and assets of Anne of Green Gables–The Musical™ for Canadian and international audiences for generations to come.

  • Stevenson Endowment for the Arts.

Started in 2008 by Centre employee Terry Mark Stevenson, this Fund supports new theatrical works at the Centre.

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Art Gallery

This group of funds supports the five decades strong national Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

  • Frederick and Shirley Hyndman Gallery Endowment.

Generally provides for custodial and curatorial work with the Gallery’s permanent collection, with emphasis and special consideration for the Robert Harris portion. This fund also advances Gallery research, education, publications, collection management, conservation, exhibition, and acquisition.

  • A.G. and Eliza Jane Ramsden Endowment Fund.

Established by bequest to support the acquisition and purchase of works of art for the Gallery.

  • Ann Dow Lee Watercolour Fund.

The Centre’s first endowment fund was created by Bayliss Lee for his wife Ann in 1973 to empower the Gallery to acquire watercolours.

  • Dr. Donald A. Stewart and Family Gallery Fund.

Inaugurated in 2013, this fund generates income to sustain general programming and operations of the Gallery.

  • Donor’s Trust.

Created in 1998, this fund allows the Board Collections Committee to acquire new works for the Gallery at its discretion.

  • Eleanor Lowe Fund.

Supports the Gallery from donations made in 2001, at the time of Ms. Lowe’s 100th birthday.

  • McMillan Fund.

Organized by Board members, the medical community, and Dr. Colin McMillan, this fund helps to care for the physical structure of the Gallery, hold exhibitions, performances, and generally administer and maintain the Gallery.

  • Weston Fund for Canadian Art.

Founded in 1994 by Galen Weston Limited for the purpose of assisting the Gallery to acquire Canadian art.

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Heritage Programming

This partnership of funds preserves heritage and history at the Centre while celebrating Canada’s evolving cultural values.

  • The Symons Trust.

Created in 1994 to finance heritage programming, specifically the Symons Medal and Lecture.

  • The Circle Around the Centre Fund.

Established by Catherine Hennessey with the proceeds from her 2014 luncheon lecture series celebrating the Centre’s 50th Anniversary, this Fund is directed towards commemorative events of historical significance to Centre.

  • The Frank and Dorothy Lewis Fund.

Founded in 2007 to support the Symons Medal and Lecture series and further other heritage programs at the Centre.


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Youth Education

These funds have specific designations to subsidize arts education at the Centre through programming, faculty and scholarship support.

  • Choral Music Endowment Fund.

Created from a number of fundraising efforts of the Centre, the Board’s Audit Committee established the fund in 1997 to fortify the ongoing work of the Choral Music program and related operations of the Centre.

  • Susan Fitzpatrick Fund for Youth Programming.

Started in 2011 to invest in the overall operations of arts education at the Centre. The fund has supported instructor fees and master classes to enhance the quality of programming.

  • L.W. (Lou) MacEachern Endowment Fund.

Formed in 2010 to benefit children and youth arts education programming at the Centre.

  • The McConnell Foundation Fund for Aboriginal Youth Education.

Introduced in 2016 to support Aboriginal youth within the Centre’s programming and educational opportunities in visual, performing and musical arts.

  • Erica Rutherford Memorial Fund.

The family of Erica Rutherford set up the fund in 2014 with donations raised at the time of Erica’s passing in 2008. The fund awards an annual bursary for a student continuing a second term in any manner of accredited performing or visual arts education.

  • Michael S. Schurman Family Foundation Fund.

Established in 2009 to provide scholarships for students at the Centre in youth arts education programming including visual art, choral music, theatre, dance, film, and any future Centre offerings. Includes an outreach focus on ensuring Summerside youth have equality of programming access.

  • The Descendants of Fred & Grace Weeks Music for Youth Fund.

Formed in 2020, this fund supports Youth Music Programming at Confederation Centre of the Arts, including the Choral Music Programme and Confederation Brass.

  • Pam Williamson Scholarship Fund.

Coordinated by Alan Holman, various individuals donated to create this fund in recognition of Pamela Williamson’s work with children. Scholarships assist students in continuing education in recognized schools of art, music, or dance at the university level.

  • Wanda Wyatt Endowment.

Designated in 2003 to expand the Centre’s commitment to youth education programs in visual, performing and musical arts, and to create a permanent legacy for Ms. Wyatt though an estate gift.

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General Operations

These funds are designated to fortify areas of greatest need for Confederation Centre’s current mandate priorities.

  • General Endowment Fund

Supports all activities of the Centre, from Art Gallery operations and development of new theatrical works to educational programs, scholarship, and heritage programming.

  • The James and Eleanor Bellamy Fund

This fund was established to provide a stable and sustainable source of revenue to support Confederation Centre’s operations.

  • The Homburg Confederation Centre Trust Fund.

Created in 2010 for the purposes of supporting all operations of the Centre by then and current Board Director Mr. Richard Homburg.

  • The Frank and Daphne MacKinnon Endowment Fund.

Founded in 2006 by Peter MacKinnon, son of Frank and Daphne MacKinnon. Dr. Frank MacKinnon led the movement to create the Confederation Centre of the Arts in the early 1960s as a Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation.

  • The Frederic S. and Ogden Martin Endowment Fund.

Established in 2007, the fund recognizes Mr. Fred Martin’s long-standing commitment as a board director.

  • The James and Barbara Palmer Fund.

Originated by family members Chris and Jim Andrew in 2012 in honour of the Palmers.

  • The Wayne and Wilma Hambly Endowment Fund.

Established in 2018 by long-time Board Chair H. Wayne Hambly and his wife Wilma to support the Centre’s activities.

  • The Charles F. Scott Endowment Fund.

Started in 2009 by founding Board Director, Mr. Charles F. Scott II, Q.C., a legacy of service now carried on by his son, Mr. Charles F.Scott, III.

  • The Smith Family Legacy Fund.

Two generations of the Smith family, Mr. Dennis Smith and Mrs. Nell Smith, and Mr. David Smith established the fund in 2015 to provide a stable and sustainable source of revenue for Centre operations.

  • The Sobey Foundation Trust Fund.

Initiated by The Sobey Foundation in 2010, the fund provides security for the overall mandate of the Centre.

  • The Dr. Gerrit Toennies Fund.

Launched in 2014 by Dr. J. Peter Toennies, who now resides in Germany, to honour his father and to keep fond memories of the family’s years in P.E.I. alive and well with his grandchildren.

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