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Fairy Tails


December 18, 2021


April 17, 2022

The Exhibition

The works in this exhibition present fantastical narratives in which animals preside over strange episodes: tales are rewritten or unwritten, travellers embark on uncertain journeys, danger lurks deep in the forest, a witch appears from nowhere, birds and beasts are spellbound, clothing is enchanted, and a shoe materializes, as if magically spun from gold. If animals are “good to think with,” as anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss once famously remarked, then folk and fairy tales have a long history of speaking through beasts, whose otherworldly transformations can express our innate or unconscious desires.

The exhibition is curated by Anne Koval.

Participating Artists:

Amalie Atkins

Matt Brown

Aganetha Dyck

Meryl McMaster

Sylvia Ptak

Vicky Sabourin

Diana Thorneycroft

Anna Torma

Laura Vickerson

Janice Wright Cheney