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January 18, 2020


September 27, 2020

The Exhibition

If a portrait is a record of its subject, it also reveals something of its maker’s relationship to the person portrayed and the social world they share. Portraits of artists show us how artists define the singularity of their position and role, whether they are self-portraits that function as public disclosure and self-presentation, or images of other artists that record the identifications, rivalries and intimacies between peers. Selected from the collection, the portraits in this exhibition make visible how artists think about what they do and who they are, often in the settings where they work and live.

-Pan Wendt, Curator

Participating artists:

KC Adams

Don Andrus

Barbara Astman

Bruno Bobak

Brian Burke

Ulysse Comtois

Dominique Cruchet

Kathleen Daly

Edmond Dyonnet

Richard Furlong

General Idea

John Greer

Allan Harding MacKay

Robert Harris

Barry Jeeves

James Lahey

Clifford Maracle

Carl Phillis

Joe Plaskett

Leslie Poole

Moe Reinblatt

Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic

Karl Spital

Lionel Stevenson

Marion Wagschal