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June 4, 2022


January 29, 2023


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Other comparisons appear to demonstrate a radical break, where an artist has shifted from one project to a kind of work that simplicity declares that project’s end, perhaps even its contemporary irrelevance, in a purposeful statement that gains force through its cancellation of an associated, previously established position. The comparisons show how an individual artist is uniquely empowered to write and rewrite their own artistic autobiography, by revisiting , recuperating , reinterpreting, revaluing, and/or reusing fragments from their past productions , rescuing  them from the fixity of the moment of their making and revealing latent possibilities in them, within a dynamic process of making themselves as artistic subjects  who enact a unique stance with respect to their own cultural traditions in a constantly changing external world. Ultimately, this exhibition aims to demonstrate though examples the multiplicity of expression that informs, and constantly reinforces, our understanding of the word – debased by generalization, abuse, and overuse – art.

-Pan Wendt, Curator