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Aftereffects: Emerging New Media Artists in Winnipeg


March 18, 2023


May 21, 2023


Art Gallery

The Exhibition

“Winnipeg has always had a great art scene, especially for a city with under a million people,” says curator Pan Wendt. “Studio space is more abundant than in most Canadian cities, and artists seem to react to the brutal weather by hunkering down and working on their projects. It’s also distinctive culturally in that nearly a quarter of the population is Indigenous.

The exhibition gives a glimpse into the future of Winnipeg art by focusing on a group of promising emerging artists working with technology. It captures the diversity of Winnipeg, but also reveals some distinctive recurring interests and obsessions, including the repurposing of outmoded mediums, the collision of past, present and future, the fragility of information and the discovery of promise in ruin and decay.

The artists featured in the exhibition include: Kristina Banera, Kelsey Braun, Meganelizabeth Diamond, Ray Fenwick, Dallas Flett-Wapash, Taylor McArthur, Hanna Reimer, Colby Richardson, and Chukwudubem Ukaigwe.

Photo credit: Dallas Flett-Wapash, AR Triptych, Panel 2 | Misko Namebin Zaaga’iagan: Piminahw Ispimihk Seepeesis (Red Sucker Lake: Flies Above the Stream)