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It’s More Than Sports: A Celebration of BIPOC Athletes on Prince Edward Island

Opening in the Frederic S. and Ogden Martin Concourse Gallery on January 28, the It's More Than Sports: A Celebration of BIPOC Athletes on Prince Edward Island exhibition features BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) athletes from the past and present, with a glimpse into what sport could be in the future.

Photograph of Fairouz Gaballa by Patricia Bourque

Using historical photos and artifacts, contemporary photographs by Mi’kmaw photographer Patricia Bourque, drawings from Island children, and a vision statement for BIPOC sports on PEI, this exhibition draws attention to the often unacknowledged and powerful contribution of BIPOC peoples to the Island sporting community.

This exhibition spotlights the numerous BIPOC athletes on PEI who have, and who continue to make, their communities proud, while also inspiring a new generation of BIPOC athletes to pursue their own dreams. It offers a vision for a more just and equitable future of sport full of joy and love. In a society where racial injustice results in the creation of multiple barriers and the diminishment of BIPOC achievement, this exhibition celebrates BIPOC athletes – professional or amateur, of all abilities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, immigrant statuses, classes and religions – for their courage, passion, dedication, skill, and sense of community.

Exhibition organized by BIPOC USHR, with support from Canada Winter Games 2023, and the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Bianca Garcia, Exhibition Coordinator, and Curator
Sobia Ali-Faisal, Executive Director, BIPOC USHR

BIPOC USHR’s mission is to provide a network, community, forum, and collective voice of solidarity for BIPOC communities on PEI, by engaging in educational, advocacy, and supportive practices.

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