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Candice Tarnowski: A Bed’s Been Made Up For You

Montreal-based installation artist Candice Tarnowski combines her own drawings and collected textiles with objects selected from the P.E.I. Museum.

The concourse of the Confederation Centre of the Arts is a busy place, especially in summer. It is a thoroughfare for theatre patrons, visitors to the gallery, and people on their way between downtown businesses. Whereas a visit to an art gallery is understood to involve contemplation and attention, the concourse is a public space that one often quickly rushes through. Candice Tarnowski’s A Bed’s Been Made Up For You creates an encounter with the care and attention of an artist within that space, and establishes a dynamic tension between the open and the closed, the orderly and the chaotic.

The title of the exhibition and the artist’s use of carefully layered textiles draw attention to the work’s delicate and temporary insertion into the fabric of public life. Protected within glass vitrines, the work displays allusions to settlements within a barren landscape, internal folds and enclosures that house dreams, the bed as a platform for the nocturnal imagination.

As spaces between the aesthetically charged gallery and the circulation of an underground street, Tarnowski’s interiors model an order we sometimes attain in domestic life, the presence of an artfulness quietly achieved in the chaos and struggle of the everyday. Through subjective arrangement of objects we embed other worlds within the folds of those we already inhabit.

A unique aspect of this installation by Candice Tarnowski is the inclusion of artifacts on loan from the collection of the P.E.I. Museum as well as blankets made by McAusland’s Woolen Mills, Bloomfield, P.E.I. The exhibition thus integrates the artist’s personal collection with objects that resonate locally and historically. The artist is especially grateful for the assistance of Linda Berko, curator, as well as Meghan Gallant, Jason McNeil, and Isaac Stewart of the P.E.I. Museum. McAusland’s Woolen Mills generously lent examples of their product for this exhibition. The artist also wishes to thank Jake Moore for her essay, and Norma Jean MacLean.

The Confederation Centre Art Gallery would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


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