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The Friends encourage participation, interest and education in the arts. They act as a bridge between the community and the Confederation Centre. Friends volunteer their talents, time and energy to promote and stimulate interest in the Centre, making Islanders aware that the Centre is for everyone. The Friends support and promote programmes and raise funds for Confederation Centre of the Arts. Programmes include Art to the Schools, Art Appreciation Group, Festive Wreath Contest and Exhibit, Mayflower Fundraiser and Pinch Penny Fair.

Get involved with the arts by lending your time and expertise to The Friends of Confederation Centre. Members of The Friends contribute their time to many different events throughout the year. We offer flexible hours for volunteers, as well as a comprehensive training and recognition program.  For more information on volunteer opportunities with The Friends, please contact: (902) 628-6141 |

Arts Scholarship Program – Application Deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022.

The Friends’ Arts Scholarship Award Program is for Prince Edward Island high school graduating students who will be pursuing full time post secondary studies in applicable arts programs in Canada.

Three non-renewable scholarships of $750 will be offered each year.

2. Proof of acceptance into a Canadian post secondary program in the appropriate arts program.
3. Resume outlining the following:
• employment history
• extracurricular activities
• volunteer activities
• activities relevant to the scholarship
4. One reference letter providing a recommendation for the scholarship
5. Two references(other than family members) who may be contacted to provide reference to your achievements in the arts.
6. A short outline indicating which scholarship you wish to be considered for.
7. An original 800-1000 word essay addressing the topic which applies to the scholarship for which you wish to be considered. (Double spaced 14 font):

The Friends’ Mavor Moore Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Studies
How have various aspects of Canadian Theatre influenced your life and future direction?

The Friends’ Elaine Campbell “Bosom Friends” Memorial Scholarship for Musical Studies
Today many theatre productions, due to cost, utilize taped music as opposed to live performance music. Discuss the importance of live music to accompany theatre productions.

The Friends’ Gwen Fichaud, Eleanor Lowe, Elspeth Putnam Art To The Schools Memorial Scholarship for Visual Arts Studies
Discuss the importance of art education in the schools system and its role in helping you choose study in visual arts.

1. The complete application package must have a cover page listing the scholarship for which you are applying, Applicants Name, address and telephone number and graduating school.
2. Applicants must submit Three(3) copies of the above documents.
4. No Fax or e-mail applications will be accepted
5. Acknowledgment of receipt will be sent via e-mail to those who provide a valid e-mail address.

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What are Relaxed Performances?


Sometimes referred to as sensory-friendly experiences, Relaxed Performances give the opportunity for those with various sensitivities towards sensory stimuli to experience and enjoy live theatre.

These performances will be designed in a way to be more comfortable for audience members who may experience anxiety or are not comfortable with some aspects of a traditional theatre setting. This can include people on the Autism Spectrum and their families; those with sensory and communicative disorders or learning disabilities; people with Tourette’s syndrome; someone who might need to move often due to chronic pain or to use the facilities; or even parents with toddlers.



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Post-Hurricane Fiona Operations Update

Our phones lines are currently down. If you need assistance, please visit our box office or send an email to with your contacts and we will get back to you.

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