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The Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation is a publicly registered Canadian charitable foundation with the purpose to provide stable annual income to Confederation Centre of the Arts.

The Foundation was formed in 2010 to hold all endowment gifts to the Centre to build a secure, sustainable future. The Foundation’s mandate is to accumulate, administer, and invest capital assets in perpetuity to support the operation of the Centre and its vital arts and heritage programming for generations to come.

Endowment funds have been part of Confederation Centre’s financial portfolio since the first endowment fund was created in 1973 by Bayliss Lee as a memorial to his wife, artist Ann Dow Lee. As of 2020, there are 34 named funds within the Foundation, each created with a minimum starting balance of $10,000, and each with its own unique, donor-directed purpose.

Areas of priority include:

Performing Arts: Funds support the development of new Canadian theatrical works, classical music performance and education, and the orchestral integrity of Anne of Green Gables-The Musical™ (4 funds);
Art Gallery: Funds allow for acquisition, exhibition, conservation, research, publications, education, collection management, as well as gallery events and publications (8 funds);
Heritage Programming: Funds assist the annual Symons Medal Lecture and essay contest and the Centre’s important heritage programming (3 funds);
Youth Education: Funds provide for training programs, scholarships, spaces and supplies, instructor fees, choral music resources, and youth choir travel (9 funds);
General Operations: Funds are disbursed to strengthen the areas of greatest need to meet current mandate priorities (10 funds).

The Foundation welcomes donations at all levels to any of its existing endowed funds, and also offers donors the opportunity to create a permanent legacy through a new named endowed fund (with a minimum starting balance of $10,000), which can be tailored to support any specified area of interest.

Current Foundation Funds and Purposes

Foundation Board of Directors

The Foundation has its own Board of Directors, separate from Confederation Centre of the Arts. The mandate of the Foundation Board is to manage and and oversee the endowment funds entrusted by generous donors. Directors establish, and conduct regular reviews of, all Foundation policies and are guided by a strategic five-year operational plan.

– Frederick E. Hyndman (Chair)
– Bill Bishop (Vice Chair)
– James C. Travers, Q.C. (Secretary/Treasurer)
– Lori Pendleton
– E. Anne Smith

Matching Funds from Canadian Heritage

All donations to Confederation Centre of the Arts Foundation are eligible for up to dollar for dollar matching through the Endowment Incentives component of the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canada Cultural Investment Fund

The Canada Cultural Investment Fund encourages private sector investment, partnership and sound business practices to help arts and heritage organizations to build new revenue streams and to become better rooted and recognized in their communities.

The Endowment Incentives component of the Fund encourages Canadians to support the arts by providing donations to an arts organization’s endowment fund. The government provides matching funds – of up to one dollar for every dollar raised from private donors – to create endowment funds or to increase existing ones. Raising capital and creating endowments gives these organizations greater capacity for realizing artistic expression by supporting their long-term stability.

Since its inception in 2001, the Endowment Incentives component has provided a total of $307 million in matching grants, leveraging private-sector donations of $416 million, for a total of $723 million invested in 101 public charitable foundations and benefitting the long-term financial health of 276 professional arts organizations across Canada.

Historical Data, Matching Received 2010-2019

For more information, please contact Sarah Hastelow, Member Service Manager at 902-629-1159 or

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