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Revitalization of the South Pavilion (former library space)

Please join us at our open house on Tuesday, March 14 from 2 – 4 p.m. and 6 – 9 p.m. in the south pavilion (former library space) to review our design plans and provide feedback. 

South Pavilion Project -View from Queen St
Exterior - Birdseye view
Exterior - Corner
Interior - Atrium 01
Interior - Atrium 02
Exterior- Richmond view
Interior - Rehearsal Hall
ccoa - exterior - richmond02_v2_UHD
ccoa - interior - culturalcommunityroom_v2_UHD
South Pavilion Project -View from Queen St Exterior - Birdseye view Exterior - Corner Interior - Atrium 01 Interior - Atrium 02 Exterior- Richmond view Interior - Rehearsal Hall ccoa - exterior - richmond02_v2_UHD ccoa - interior - culturalcommunityroom_v2_UHD


Almost 60 years after the creation of Confederation Centre of the Arts, we are at an important inflection point in our organizational history. Established as a memorial to commemorate the Fathers of Confederation, the Centre has evolved over time into an important space for learning about how this nation was formed, and how our identity continues to evolve—with the arts as our messenger.

Through world-class art exhibitions, original theatrical performances, music, dance, education, and heritage programming, hundreds of thousands of visitors from Canada and around the globe have had the opportunity to experience the myriad cultures, identities and stories that shape the Canada of yesterday and today.

This is our moment to galvanize our role as a convenor in the Canadian landscape through excellence in the arts and heritage programming. And to build understanding and shared knowledge about an evolving Canada. A focal point—for all Canadians.

At the heart of this $65 million construction project is the creation of a National Culture Leadership Institute, a first in Canada that blends the creation of new artistic works with discussion of national identities, and community and professional learning. The Institute will include three areas of programming:

  • The Arts Innovation Hub, which supports new works in theatre and visual arts,
  • The Arts Academy, which delivers training for artists and industry professionals,
  • The Charlottetown Forum, which provides a dedicated space for events and discussion on Canadian Confederation and national identities, such as the Symons Medal Presentation and Lecture

This project will realize multiple economic, environmental, cultural, and social benefits including:

  • Vastly reduced carbon footprint,
  • Improved accessibility through the removal of barriers,
  • Re-establishment of the Centre’s connection with the rest of Canada through the Charlottetown Forum and digital interactive learning programs,
  • Renewal of the national identity of the Centre through a lens of truth and reconciliation,
  • Renewal of physical and technological infrastructure at the Centre – a decades old issue,
  • Addition of facilities in Atlantic Canada that will benefit thousands and draw business,
  • Addressing gaps in professional skills and training in the culture sector, particularly in Atlantic Canada,
  • Creation of new jobs in the culture sector and a major contribution to sustainability in the sector,
  • Increases in GDP, tax revenue, and revenue generating opportunities,
  • Increase in traffic for local businesses,
  • Growth in partnerships with mental health and mental well-being initiatives in the arts,
  • Growth in both professional and community access programming

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What are Relaxed Performances?


Sometimes referred to as sensory-friendly experiences, Relaxed Performances give the opportunity for those with various sensitivities towards sensory stimuli to experience and enjoy live theatre.

These performances will be designed in a way to be more comfortable for audience members who may experience anxiety or are not comfortable with some aspects of a traditional theatre setting. This can include people on the Autism Spectrum and their families; those with sensory and communicative disorders or learning disabilities; people with Tourette’s syndrome; someone who might need to move often due to chronic pain or to use the facilities; or even parents with toddlers.



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