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A Campaign to Revitalize Confederation Centre of the Arts

Almost 60 years after the creation of Confederation Centre of the Arts, we are at an important inflection point in our organizational history. Established as a memorial to commemorate the Fathers of Confederation, the Centre has evolved over time into an important space for learning about how this nation was formed, and how our identity continues to evolve—with the arts as our messenger.Through world-class art exhibitions, original theatrical performances, music, dance, education, and heritage programming, millions of visitors from Canada and around the globe have had the opportunity to experience the myriad of cultures, identities and stories that shape the Canada of yesterday and today. Now, as we look ahead, this living monument is poised for its most significant transformation to date.


At the heart of Phase I of the Shared Voices Campaign is the launch of the National Culture Leadership Institute— a first in Canada that blends the creation of new work with discussion of national identities and community and professional learning. Adding to the Centre’s world-class theatre and gallery programming, the new Institute will enable the Centre to lead through three central levers and their respective spaces:


Filling a gap in the Canadian cultural landscape, the Arts Innovation Hub will improve the availability and condition of these community buildings, providing essential resources for the creation of new Canadian work. It will feature an expanded theatre creation studio, artist-in-residence studios, rehearsal rooms, and digital capability enhancements, all for the development of original Canadian content.


A formalized Arts Academy will position the Centre as a leader in arts industry training, providing mentorship and professional development through renewed resources to a greater number of Canadian culture sector professionals. Building on 40 years of training programs in dance, music theatre, and visual arts, the Academy will expand to include mentorship in technical production, arts administration, fundraising, and human resources. This will also help address a skills gap in the Atlantic region where opportunities for professional training is limited in some disciplines.


Located at the site of the Charlottetown Conference, the renowned Symons Medal event has, for 20 years, engaged Canada in an annual conversation about an evolving Confederation. Expanding this event into the Charlottetown Forum provides the ideal convening place for diverse voices to share perspectives and ideas about Canada; a national focal point for listening, learning, and finding our way forward together.


The arts play a crucial role in uniting us, challenging us, and in helping people understand the experiences of others. The Shared Voices Campaign will enable Confederation Centre of the Arts to build on the dream established six decades ago—to create a place where our country’s history and multicultural character are celebrated, and where the artistic talent of our people is nurtured and showcased—and go even further.

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More than a centre for the arts, we are a cultural convenor, a forum for dialogue, a national stage for thriving artistic expression. The establishment of the National Culture Leadership Institute will revitalize the Centre for generations to come and prioritize our commitment to Canadian creativity, community leadership, accessibility, and continuous improvement—ensuring the long-term viability of the Centre, and its impact on the arts, an evolving Canada, and the world.



What is the purpose of the Centre’s Shared Voices Capital Campaign?

The Shared Voices Capital Campaign is a fundraising (or capital) campaign to revitalize Confederation Centre of the Arts (CCOA). At the heart of Phase I of the Shared Voices Capital Campaign is the creation of the National Culture Leadership Institute—a first in Canada that blends the creation of new work with discussion of national identities and community and professional learning. Adding to the Centre’s world-class theatre and gallery programming, the new Institute will enable the Centre to lead through three central levers: creation, collaboration, and connection. By launching this campaign, the Centre will evolve into a national cultural hub and convenor of arts and leadership. The National Culture Leadership Institute will be fueled by innovation and sustainability—it will be a centre of excellence for the benefit of all Canadians. The campaign is also an important advancement in the Board of Directors strategic plan, which prioritizes three pillars: Artistic Excellence; Engaged Diverse Communities; and Organizational Sustainability.

What are some of the key features of the National Cultural Leadership Institute?

The capital project will create an additional 20,000 square feet of gathering space at the Centre for people to explore and connect. A visual hallmark of the capital project is a protruding glass structure that will serve as the Community Pavilion within the Institute. It will house the Arts Academy, the Arts Innovation Hub and the Charlottetown Forum. In addition, a rehearsal hall will provide a permanent space for increased professional training. Other creative and innovative components of the Institute include: a flexible theatre creation space, a barrier-free, street-level atrium, sustainable spaces and green enhancements including a rooftop terrace, and accessible wayfinding.

What are the fundraising goals of the Shared Voices Capital Campaign?

The total capital investment to transform CCOA into a national cultural hub is $71.5 million. Funds raised from the campaign will be allocated to four core areas of investment: Charlottetown Forum $15 million, Arts Innovation Hub $30 million, Arts Academy $20 million, Sustainability $5 million, and Cost to run the campaign is $1.5 million. Our goal is to secure $16.5M through private donations and pledges. It is anticipated that the other $55M will be funded by the government.

How did you arrive at the fundraising goal of $16.5 million from the private sector?

We conducted an in-depth Feasibility Study in 2021 which addressed both the need and expectations from the philanthropic community. The results supported the current plan and a campaign to reach this goal. We have been on track throughout the Campaign.

What will you do if you don’t raise all the money?


The extensive planning exercises we conducted prior to starting this project indicated widespread community support for the Campaign. We are confident we will reach our goal.

How much will the Shared Voices Capital Campaign cost?

The cost to run the Campaign is $1.5 million or 9% of the total philanthropic fundraising goal.

How will you afford to operate and sustain the capital project once it is completed?

CCOA recognizes the importance of post-campaign financial sustainability, which is why a $5 million sustainability fund has been added to the goal. The endowment is dedicated to arts and culture programming and future upgrades to the CCOA.

When will you start construction?

Our goal is to begin construction in the fall of 2024. It is expected that construction will take between 12 and 18 months.

Who is leading the Campaign?

Our campaign leadership has representation from across Canada. Our Board Chair is Robert Sear. We’ve had a great deal of help from our entire Board of Directors. With the involvement of our CEO, Steve Bellamy, and the Centre’s leadership team, we will be able to run the campaign while maintaining the ongoing operations and funding of CCOA.

Who is the architect for this capital project?

We are working with nationally-recognized Abbott Brown, an architecture studio in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) with a reputation for bold, impactful design. In March 2020 a national competition was issued for architectural proposals to revitalize the south pavilion of Confederation Centre of the Arts. There was a strong response and after an extensive three-stage, juried scoring process, Abbott Brown Architects was awarded the opportunity in August 2020.

How will the newly revitalized Centre address today’s standards of sustainability and environmental practices?

Physical spaces at Confederation Centre of the Arts need to be made more accessible. Whether ramps and elevators for mobility, windows for light, energy conservation and visibility, or technology for reading and hearing support, we can make our spaces more welcoming and inclusive. The newly revitalized Centre recognizes the importance of incorporating sustainability and environmental practices into its operations. It embraces a holistic approach to address today’s standards by implementing various measures. The building itself will undergo energy-efficient upgrades, such as utilizing renewable energy sources like solar panels or geothermal systems, optimizing insulation, and employing energy-saving lighting and HVAC systems. Water conservation strategies, such as low-flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting, are implemented to minimize water usage. The Centre promotes waste reduction through recycling and composting initiatives, while also striving to source eco-friendly materials for construction and maintenance. Additionally, the Centre educates and engages its community by hosting workshops, exhibitions, and performances centered around sustainability themes, encouraging dialogue and awareness among visitors and artists. By integrating sustainable practices, the Centre is committed to becoming a beacon of environmental stewardship, inspiring others to adopt similar measures and promoting a greener, more sustainable future in the arts community.

What are the long-term goals of the Shared Voices Capital Campaign?

The long-term goals of the Campaign are to create an equitable and inclusive environment for all who are interested in Canadian arts and culture and to promote the understanding and appreciation of the many different cultures and backgrounds that form our nation. The legacy and everlasting impact of the campaign will create a place where our country’s history and multicultural character are celebrated, and where the artistic talent of our people is nurtured and showcased for generations to come.

How can I get involved in the Shared Voices Capital Campaign?

To get involved in the Campaign and support the Centre, individuals, businesses and organizations can donate directly to the Campaign or participate in events and activities to raise awareness and funds. Campaign donors can also make a multi-year pledge or a gift to the endowment fund. To discuss donation and pledge opportunities please contact either Steve Bellamy, CEO, at 902.628.6131 or by email at [email protected] or Emily Smith, Major Gifts Officer, at 902.629.1196 or by email at [email protected].

How long can I take to fully pay my pledge?

Pledged gifts to the Campaign can be paid over a one-to-five-year period.

Are there any resources available to learn more about the Shared Voices Capital Campaign?


Yes! The Campaign’s Case for Support provides an in-depth look into the elements and ethos of the campaign, breaks down the total capital investment, and includes artist renderings of the revitalized CCOA. Click here for the digital version, or to request a printed copy of the campaign case for support, kindly email [email protected]

Is there also a website dedicated to the Shared Voices Capital Campaign?


Yes, please visit our dedicated Campaign page at

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?


Yes, CCOA is a registered charity (CRN 121807929RR0001). Donations to the Campaign over $20 will receive a charitable gift receipt for income tax purposes. Tax receipts will be issued once the gift is made/realized (e.g., a pledge commitment is not eligible but once the gift is paid a receipt will be issued).

Can I make a contribution to Confederation Centre of the Arts outside of Canada?


Yes, it is generally possible to make a donation to a Canadian charity even if you live outside of Canada. Many Canadian charities accept donations from international donors, as long as the donor’s country allows for charitable contributions to foreign organizations. It’s advisable to consider any potential tax implications or regulations that may apply to international charitable donations in your own country. If you live in the United States and wish to donate to CCOA you can do so through Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island. We encourage you to seek tax advice prior to making a donation.


Steve Bellamy | Chief Executive Officer | 902 628 6131 | [email protected]

Emily Smith | Major Gifts Officer | 902 629 1196 | [email protected]

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