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Japan-Canada Joint Stage Production Project
Anne’s Cradle: The Life & Works of Hanako Muraoka

Looking for passionate, motivated playwrights

Anne of Green Gables (written by L.M. Montgomery) is a remarkable masterpiece describing the hilarious incidents involving a red-haired girl and the friendship and love of people in the rich natural setting of Prince Edward Island, Canada. In Japan, Anne of Green Gables was first introduced in 1952 as Akage-no-Anne, translated by Hanako Muraoka. Since then, Akage-no-Anne has gained a large audience and had an enormous impact on the lives and lifestyles of Japanese women in the postwar period. Many related books have been published, exhibitions and other events have been held, and Japanese tourists who visit Prince Edward Island never cease.

Anne’s Cradle: The Life & Works of Hanako Muraoka (written by Eri Muraoka, published by Shinchosha), is a vital biography of Hanako Muraoka’s life.

In 2014, a television drama series Hanako to Anne (starring Yuriko Yoshitaka), based on this book, was broadcast and it was extremely well received. The story of Hanako Muraoka and Anne became familiar to even more people in Japan. In 2021, the English-language edition of Anne’s Cradle: The Life & Works of Hanako Muraoka was published by Nimbus in Canada, and the influence of Anne of Green Gables and the achievements of Hanako Muraoka are once again in the spotlight in Canada.

Montgomery, Anne, and Hanako Muraoka have played an important role in promoting cultural exchange and friendship between Canada and Japan.

Confederation Centre of the Arts is looking to bring this story to the stage. To launch the project, the project team is looking for a playwright with passion, drive, and imagination who will strongly promote the stage adaptation of Anne’s Cradle. No previous experience is necessary.

You must be fluent in both Japanese and English. (The script must be written in either English or Japanese.) Please read the outline below. We hope to make this project a success together with those who have the passion to share the universally moving story of Hanako and Anne, which transcends countries and times, with the world from a new perspective.

We look forward to your application.

Project Team
Canada: Confederation Centre of the Arts (Artistic Director Adam Brazier)
Japan contact: TBD

Performance (Expected)
The plan is to stage the production in both Japan and Canada from 2025 onward.

Summary of Original Story
Original Story: Anne’s Cradle: The Life & Works of Hanako Muraoka written by Eri Muraoka (Shinchosha)

During the unsettled period leading up to the war, a Canadian missionary presented a book to Hanako Muraoka, a translator, as a token of friendship. It was a fateful encounter between Hanako and a masterpiece that would later be loved by generations to come under the title Akage-no-Anne. “I want to deliver a story that will give hope for tomorrow to many people.” With this desire in mind, she fled with the original book and manuscript wrapped in a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) during air raids. The story of the birth of the masterpiece Akage-no-Anne in Japan and the dramatic life of Hanako, who passionately lived through the turbulent modern era.

First round application process
By December 31, 2022, please send a letter introducing yourself and sharing some samples (summary) of your previous works, if any, in both languages to Adam Brazier, Artistic Director, at [email protected].

Four applicants will be selected from among the applicants. The selected applicants will be asked to read the original story Anne’s Cradle and write the plot and a few sample scenes. (Writing fees will be paid.) One of the four will be selected as the official scriptwriter.



コンフェデレーションセンター・オブ・ジ・アーツ シャーロットタウン・フェスティバル主催カナダ×日本 共同舞台制作プロジェクト
「 Anne’s Cradle 〜 アンのゆりかご村岡花子の生涯 〜」

自然豊かなカナダのプリンス・エドワード島を舞台に、赤毛の少女が巻き起こす愉快な事件と人々の友情や愛を描いた不朽の名作「Anne of Green Gables」(L.M.モンゴメリ著)。
この村岡花子の生涯を描いた評伝が「アンのゆりかご 村岡花子の生涯」(村岡恵理著)です。2014年にはこの本を原案にしたNHK 朝の連続テレビ小説「花子とアン」(吉高由里子主演)が放送され、大好評を得て、村岡花子とアンの物語はさらに多くの人々に親しまれることになりました。2021年にはキャシー平野の翻訳による英訳版「Anne’s cradle The Life & Works of HANAKO MURAOKA 」がカナダのNimbus 社より刊行され、カナダにおいても「赤毛のアン」の影響力と花子の功績が改めて注目を浴びています。
カナダのプリンス・エドワード島に拠点を置くコンフェデレーションセンター・オブ・ジ・アーツ シャーロットタウン・フェスティバルでは、毎年ミュージカル「Anne of Green Gables」を上演しています。同時に、常に新作の創造に挑戦し、発信を続けています。
プロジェクトを開始するにあたり、「Anne’s Cradle」の舞台化を強力に推し進めてくれる、情熱と意欲、そして想像力を持ち合わせた脚本家を探しています。脚本家としての経験の有無は問いません。応募者は、日本語と英語を十分に理解できることが求められます。

◆ 制作統括
カナダ:コンフェデレーション・センター・オブ・ジ・アーツ シャーロットタウン・フェスティバル
アーティスティック・ディレクター アダム・ブレイジアー(Adam Brazier)

◆ 上演(予定)

◆ 概要原作
「アンのゆりかご 村岡花子の生涯」
「Anne’s Cradle The Life & Works of HANAKO MURAOKA」
(Nimbus )Eri Muraoka


◆ 第一次応募方法

Yuka Takahashi (高橋由香)/ Japanese Coordinator
[email protected]

応募はアーティスティック・ディレクター アダム・ブレイジアー(Adam Brazier)まで。
[email protected]

ご質問はアダム・ブレイジアー(Adam Brazier)までお願いいたします。

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