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Holland College School of Visual Arts: All About Hue


April 17, 2020


June 1, 2020

The Exhibition

Student Selfies

A highlight for Holland College’s School of Visual Arts students is their showcase at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. When faced with the inability to display their work in a public space because of Covid-19, they came up with a creative solution for people to view their art virtually. The student’s work is still being exhibited in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery, but this year their pieces are hanging on virtual walls.

“Our students are always excited about this show,” said Liam Corcoran, Program Manager for the School of Visual Arts. “The pieces that the visitors to the exhibit will see represent a culmination of all that the students have learned during their time at Holland College, and will be the backbone of their portfolios as they transition into the workplace.”

All About Hue launched on April 17, and features graduating students of Photography & Videography, Graphic Design, Video Game Art and Animation, and Fundamental Arts. To view the student exhibition visit https://www.hollandcollege.com/all-about-hue.html