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Casey Koyczan


October 9, 2021


January 16, 2022

The Exhibition

This multimedia work explores the relationship between the digital world and our perceptions of reality by imaginatively reshaping the architectural spaces of the gallery.

The installation communicates a sense of mystery and calmness through the audio-visual harmonization of beauty and chaos created with digitally generated physics experiments that evoke organic objects, natural elements, and organisms in the real world. They are simplistic forms that suggest complex narratives and meanings through colour, movement, and personal interpretation.

The dual-channel projections are accompanied by two audio soundscapes  constructed with the Foley post-production method; they are separate, but work together in an ever-changing progression of sound. The blend of audio and colour will never be the same at any given moment, as each media piece is set to loop at different time frames.

Casey Koyczan