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Confederation Centre Statement on Cancellation of “The Rising”

Confederation Centre of the Arts is committed to presenting theatre and visual arts work that supports racialized artists and elevates social issues.

The Confederation Centre Young Company has been presenting progressive musical theatre productions free to audiences for years. These shows support social justice issues and in recent years have focused particularly on Truth & Reconciliation and support for racialized communities.

In Summer 2021, Confederation Centre was on track to present an original production celebrating social progress through well-known protest songs. Some cast members behaved repeatedly in ways that violated our policies on Safe Workplaces and Harassment, and broke principles of the Not In OUR Space! program of CAEA and PACT. We attempted to address the issues through accommodation, education, and by engaging professional conflict resolution. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some cast members refused to change their behaviour and would not work collaboratively with their colleagues. As a result, the program could not proceed and was cancelled. This was devastating to all who had worked so hard to create and prepare this important work.

Confederation Centre of the Arts has reviewed details of the matter and reflected upon ways to improve our recruitment process. We remain committed to providing a safe environment for all.

We are grateful to the Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors as well as Xclusiv Crew and Hurricanes Dance for presenting positive and high energy work to the public throughout the summer.