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Dance Ages 6 – Teens

Our vision is simple. We believe in the value of dance as an enriching art form. For the past 30+ years, dance umbrella has provided high-quality dance and movement classes. An alternative form of self-expression, dance helps build self-confidence, create healthy bodies and minds, and develop creativity. Thousands of students have gone through our training programs, many of whom have successful careers in the performing arts.


Classes are held in Studio 2, Mawson Rehearsal Hall, and The Mack. For more information, contact [email protected]


Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre, a course for students ages 6 and up, explores technical and expressive elements of drama, voice, and dance used in musical theatre productions. The emphasis of the program is on skills development, culminating in a Musical Theatre performance each spring.  Musical Theatre Students also participate in dance umbrella’s annual showcase each May.  New students are asked to contact us for class placement recommendations.

Please note: on the class schedule you’ll find Musical Theatre levels listed for two class times, Drama MT and Dance MT. These are the two portions for the musical theatre program. When you register for this class you are required to attend both portions. 

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Ballet is offered to beginner through senior levels and is a program for ages 6 to adult, with placement based on previous training and natural ability. Beginner students will be introduced to the basic elements of Ballet with focus on posture, correct use of muscles, and grace of movement through activities, games, and storytelling. This theme is carried through the program as steps become increasingly complex and more emphasis is placed on performance and presentation qualities. Students attend ballet twice per week at the intermediate, senior, and ITP levels.

Jazz is a progressive program for students from 6 years of age, exploring a variety of commercial dance styles. The classes build on the basic technique which applies to all genres of dance, with a focus on rhythm, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Styles covered range from Broadway to pop, funk to classical jazz, and many moves in between.

Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance levels beginner through senior is designed for students ages 9+, and incorporates elements of dance styles including lyrical and modern. Emphasis is on the expressive nature of dance, technique and performance values, and improvisation.  Students will incorporate an emotional element with total body awareness.

Teen Jazz
Teen Jazz will explore a focus on rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility, and technique.  In this class students will learn styles of Jazz dance from a fusion of Broadway to pop, funk to classical jazz. Each dancer will have the opportunity to express their unique personality through the diverse styles of jazz dance.

Inclusive Dance
The inclusive dance series is a safe and welcoming space for dancers of all abilities. Inspired by Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance Program, Inclusive Dance is breaking down barriers to make dance accessible to students with disabilities. This program enables students to explore dance and movement patterns while allowing their creativity to soar.  Please contact us for more information on this new and exciting program.

Acro/conditioning is for students 9+ who are taking technique classes such as jazz, ballet, or contemporary.  Students will practice proper stretching and strengthening techniques to build important muscle groups before beginning to learn acrobatic tricks. Students ages 9-12 should register for Junior Acro, and ages 13+ should register for Senior Acro.

Hip Hop for Boys
Hip Hop for Boys is a class designed to create a safe and engaging space for boys interested in learning dance. This class focuses on breaking down the barriers to movement for boys by introducing students to Hip Hop styles in a supported environment. Lead by instructor Joe Dames, Hip Hop for Boys is for ages 8-13.

Pointe work is offered to students ages 12 and up, who attend ballet twice per week and have been recommended to the class by their instructor. As a child’s feet continue to grow rapidly until age 12, at which point the growth rate begins to slow naturally, dance umbrella students do not begin pointe until age 12 in order to maintain the long-term health of the dancer’s feet.

Intensive Training Program
The Intensive Training Program (ITP) is for dedicated dancers who wish to pursue an advanced level of dance education.  ITP students attend a minimum of four classes per week, two ballet, one contemporary, and one jazz, with other optional dance styles available.  Students must be recommended to ITP by our instructors. The Intensive Training Program is a recognized external credit program for PEI high school students in collaboration with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Performance Group                                                                                                                

Performance Group is an audition-based program for dedicated students who wish to develop their artistry and expand their performance opportunities. This is a non-competitive group and there is no charge to participate. Students learn repertoire throughout the year which may be performed at various opportunities in their communities, participate in workshops with visiting artists, and experience a taste of what it is to be part of a dance company.

Students must be age 12+ to audition and taking at least one technique class (ballet, contemporary, or jazz). Past highlights have included: Disney’s Dance The Magic trip to Orlando, music videos, The Nutcracker, workshops with national dance companies including: Ballet Jorgen, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Ballet Kelowna, Danny Grossman Company, community performances, and more.

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