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Dance Ages 18 months – 5 years

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Registration is now open for dance classes for the 2023/24 season for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Our vision is simple. We believe in the value of dance as an enriching art form. For the past 30+ years, dance umbrella has provided high-quality dance and movement classes. An alternative form of self-expression, dance helps build self-confidence, create healthy bodies and minds, and develop creativity. Thousands of students have gone through our training programmes, many of whom have successful careers in the performing arts.

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My Parent & Me
My Parent & Me is for children ages 18 month-3 years.  These classes promote parent-child bonding through creative and playful dance experiences.  Dancers and their caregivers will explore movement to music through songs, games, stories, and a variety of musical rhythms and introductory dance patterns.  A parent or guardian must accompany their child to class.

Creative Movement
Creative Movement is for pre-schoolers aged 3-5. These classes enable students to experience movement to music through songs, games, stories, and a variety of musical rhythms and introductory dance patterns. Children must have turned 3 by September 1 for a September program.  Parents do not participate in the Creative Movement classes, parents who would like to stay with their child are asked to register for My Parent & Me.

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What are Relaxed Performances?


Sometimes referred to as sensory-friendly experiences, Relaxed Performances give the opportunity for those with various sensitivities towards sensory stimuli to experience and enjoy live theatre.

These performances will be designed in a way to be more comfortable for audience members who may experience anxiety or are not comfortable with some aspects of a traditional theatre setting. This can include people on the Autism Spectrum and their families; those with sensory and communicative disorders or learning disabilities; people with Tourette’s syndrome; someone who might need to move often due to chronic pain or to use the facilities; or even parents with toddlers.



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